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I TOLD you not to come here!

Downloading Virus...

HERE IS the ANSWER to, uh... your problem.

PBKAC- Problem Between Keyboard And Chair

You want some great pranks for your computer? Check these out:
Pranks/Useful Stuff
Error Maker '95 An awesome error maker. Very simple, you just pick the icon and words you want the error to display.
Formatme Made by ME! Written in QBASIC, it is a program that appears to be formatting your hardrive in DOS, until you press "b" or a different specified key. Includes source code.
Win95 Errors! Made by ME! A bunch of Windows errors. They're very cool, and very hard to get rid of. They are actually copied from someone else's creative GIFs, but they're worth the download.
Win95 Key Logger Copies all keystrokes and records them to a file.

And here are some great sites to download more like those:
A Prankster's Paradise.
A bunch of cool free gags



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