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About Mwa!

About Mwa!

     I hope you enjoy this page I made! Well, here is some background info on mwa. The most unique thing is probably that I live in Haiti.
I love it here! Haiti




Nice People
Cool School
    Beautiful beaches, SUN, fun places, nice people, cool school. Ah, what more kan I say? My family is here as missionaries, and I go to a nice Christian School. I learn stuff, but it's a school, so hey, it's boring. But that's OK, the great friends there make up for it. Those of you who are my friends, you know who you are. Those of you who aren't my friends, I guess I haven't met you yet. Well, as of now I'm in 10th grade.

      My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. I like to hang out with friends, have a good laugh, scuba dive, and do new things. I love my family and my friends.
      I also use the computer a lot. My favorite computer pastimes are: computer programming (Qbasic, starting C++, a little HTML and Java), computer games (Duke3d, BUILDing levels, DOOM, Quake), and the surfing the 'Net. I'm starting Windows DirectX programming.

Well there you have it!

This would be an awesome beach that I scuba dive at:

Moulin Sur Mer

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Smile! If you need help with anything or have any questions, or have any comments on my page, feel free to email me at
Thanx for visiting my page!

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