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    Yo this is the page you've been lookin' for. Trust me these are the freshest moves/tutorials/clips you will find. Each one is worth it's own download, there are no trashy clips that are in there just to make it look like there's a lot. There are very few choices because these are the absolute best of the best.

Chill Movie Clips of Tite Moves


Chill Movie Clips of Tite Moves

djp.mpg Really fresh waving and popping. Best I've ever seen on webvideo.

p-smoke.mpg  Some more really good waving. Throws in a tidal wave. Sequel to djp.mpg

Some guy doing cool stuff from Monica's First Night music video

Flashdance piece. I really like this one, has a variety and is very long

GAP commercial. People bustin' some fresh moves. Almost too fast though.



B-Boy Central- Best Descriptions and movies I've seen

Links/videos/moves- Tons of good links and videos

Last updated October 15, 2000