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This tutorial teaches the C++ programming language but assumes that the student has already attained a reasonable proficiency in C programming. It is composed of 12 chapters which should be studied in order since topics are introduced in a logical order and build upon topics introduced in previous chapters. It is to the students benefit to download the source code for the example programs, then compile and execute each program as it is studied. The diligent student will modify the example program in some way, then recompile and execute it to see if he understands the material studied for that program. This will provide the student with valuable experience using his compiler.

The recommended method of study is to print the text for one or two chapters, download the example programs, and study the material by loading the example programs in the compiler's editor for viewing. Following successful completion of each chapter, additional chapters can be downloaded.

Version 2.61 - September 22, 1996 (Files restructured on March 15, 1997)

This tutorial is distributed as shareware which means that you do not have to pay to use it. However, the author spent a good deal of time and financial resources to develop this tutorial and requests that you share in the financial burden in a very small way, but only if you felt the tutorial was valuable to you as an aid in learning to program in C++. If you wish to remit a small payment to the author, full instructions for doing so will be given by clicking the link below. If you do not wish to remit any payment, please feel free to use the tutorial anyway. In either case, I hope you find programming in C++ to be rewarding and profitable. I personally think it is an excellent extension to C programming and is well worth the effort needed to master it.

How to Remit Payment For this Tutorial!

Introduction - What is C++ and why study it?
Chapter 1 - Simple Things
Chapter 2 - Compound Types
Chapter 3 - Pointers
Chapter 4 - Functions
Chapter 5 - Encapsulation
Chapter 6 - More Encapsulation
Chapter 7 - Inheritance
Chapter 8 - More Inheritance
Chapter 9 - Multiple Inheritance
Chapter 10 - Virtual Functions
Chapter 11 - More Virtual Functions
Chapter 12 - Flyaway Adventure Game

Download the HTML Documentation- ( Download all of the above documents in one packed file. This file (about 142k) contains the 13 files listed above (plus the diagrams) which can be downloaded and unpacked for use locally. The content of this file is identical to the content of the above files. There are no executable files in this group of files.

Download the Source Code - ( Download all example programs. This file (about 64k) contains 105 source files which are all explained in the 12 chapters of text. There are no executable files in this group of files.

Download the Answers to Exercises- ( Download the authors answers to all of the programming exercises. This file (about 17k) contains 32 source files. There are no executable files in this group of files.

Download the Flyaway Game Executable file - (flyaway.exe) This file (about 25k) is a compiled and executable version of the Flyaway adventure game which runs under DOS. All source code for this file is contained in the Source Code above.

Download the pkunzip executable - (pkunzip.exe) Download pkunzip.exe version 2.04 to unzip the source code. This executable is pre-registered for your use in unzipping any Coronado Enterprises tutorial files. It will unpack and generate the zipped files in the current directory and all will be ASCII source code files. To unzip the source code files, execute the following DOS command;


Or, to unzip the answers to programming exercises, execute the following DOS command;


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