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PAYMENT - Mastercard or Visa via email

Send email payment to Coronado Enterprises

If you feel that email is safe enough to transmit your Mastercard or Visa number, this is the most convenient and quickest means of registration. Include at least the following information;

Your card type, Mastercard or Visa .

The cardholders's name on the card.

Your card number.

The expiration date of your card.

The tutorial(s) you are registering for.

The amount you wish to remit.

If you wish to receive a hardcopy receipt via US Post Office mail, include your complete postal address. If you do not include a postal address, you will receive an email receipt indicating receipt of the payment.

Any other comments or suggestions will be helpful for improving the current tutorials, and developing additional tutorials or teaching aids in the future.

Coronado Enterprises - Last update, March 13, 1997