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Class of

in Quisqueya Christian School
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The official site of QCS's most memorable class, devoted to excellence.

        Welcome! This web page has been created to provide you with important events and basic information in the lives of people in or involved in the class of 2002 in Quisqueya Christian School. Have a look around and enjoy yourself!                                             (Click the banner at any time to return to this page)

Recent News and Events in our Lives:

Prayer Requests:

     Updated contact information for each member of our class (e-mail, AIM, mailing address, location).

     More detailed stats about each person, including picture and archived news about them.

     Cool stuff we've done together.

     A yearly newsletter is sent out to anyone who wants to keep updated on how our class is doing. Click here to see more!


God Is Faithful

Last updated: September 21, 2001

This website is designed, created, and maintained by Brendan Blowers, proud member of the class of 2002. It is kept alive and current by the information provided by my classmates. Thank you to all who help me keep this running. If you have any new information or something you need added, please tell me.

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