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What you're gonna find on this page:

Download my best Duke3d levels

Awesome links for other Duke Nukem Stuff

Duke Nukem 3-D Downloads

There are not many levels here, I know. That's because theses levels were made by ME only, not FTPed or taken from someone else. So here you can download MY levels (and a few of my friend's). Go to the Duke Nukem 3d LINKS part of my page to see other sites where you can download more levels. QCS and GUANTANAMERA include some REALLY COOL .mids! GET THESE LEVELS!! Trust me, they are worth it!

AWESOME Duke3d Levels

QCS (QCS.ZIP) DOWNLOAD MY SUPER LEVEL! Not a bad one, if I may say so myself. It's of my school, and it's VERY realistic (except for some exaggerations on the lunches and bloody classrooms and stuff). If you see my school you would easily recognize it.
QCS2   (QCS2.ZIP) Same as above, but for Duke it out in DC. (A little Better)
GAUNTANAMERA (GUANTANA.ZIP) *NEW!* This level is C-O-O-L, baby! Get it now! It's got a house, desert, warehouse, whirlpool, museum, and an underwater cave! It's very short though. Short and sweet. Good .mid sound.
BEWARE.ZIP Download my friend's level. It's pretty good. Try it out and tell me what you think. It's also very hard, so you'd better SAVE, cause there are lots of wicked *surprises* >:-)

Links to great Duke3d sites

Andyman's Duke3d web pageThis is THE place to download levels, he's got tons of them.

Type in "Duke3d Maps" here to search for more good pages:


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