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bdbHaiti's Qbasic Page

Way cool Qbasic page

What you're gonna find on this page:

* Download some of MY Qbasic stuff

* Some groovy links for great Qbasic sites

Qbasic Downloads

Ahem... not much here. Aw man! Where did I put those files? Come back later, maybe I'll find some more :-)


Formatme This is a small, neat-o prank program. Just run it and it looks like your computer is being formatted! It keeps going until you press "b". (Don't worry, it doesn't REALLY delete anything). Includes a compiled program and the BASIC code file. Type "formatme /?" for help.
QBASIC 3-Pak This has 3 tiny programs that I really like. One is a RND example, another one melts the screen (VERY good), and the last one was made by me, a 1-player PONG game.
Doom-like game This is a basic DOOM-like 3-D game. It's pretty cool, but a little slow.
3-D Craft Hard to explain. A VERY cool 3-D rotating thing. You control the rotation and movement, and the craft moves. Very interesting and a great example on how to really put QBASIC graphics to work.
Helicopter Havoc This game is pretty cool. You fly a helicopter around multiple screens. You can drop bombs and run into buildings. I have yet to create enemies.
Cool Demos Has a bunch of really cool graphic BASIC programs. Very realistic- my favorite is FASTSNOW.
Stuff Includes 2 files, ALIEN, and GLOBE. ALIEN is a very basic game. GLOBE is not by me, it has a globe made of dots rotate.

Links to great Qbasic sites

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