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Thought by bdbHaiti:

What's really important in life anyway?

    There are lots of magazines that pelt us with glitzy photos and verbose articles on what is important in this world. They bombard us with gaudy photographs and biographies of people who "have it all." We see rich people, buxom women, flawless teenagers, successful businessmen, overnight millionaires, and sport heroes. These are the idols of our society. We gaze at them in admiration for rising to the top, for having a model life, for being successful in seemingly every aspect of life. Yet, what do we really know about these gods’ perception of their own life. Despite their success, are they happy? Do they feel they’ve lived a meaningful and fulfilling life? On their deathbed will they be satisfied with their fame and material accomplishments 20 years ago? Philip Yancey, who used to be a journalist, had interviewed many of these famous, exuberant stars. He did not find a group of content, happy individuals:

…Our "idols" are as miserable a group of people as I have ever met. Most have troubled or broken marriages. Nearly all are incurable dependent on psychotherapy. In a heavy irony, these larger-than-life heroes seem tormented by self-doubt. (The Jesus I Never Knew 117-118)

    They were not on a pedestal above the others. They did not feel meaningful or more important than others, because they too knew that the aspect that set them apart from other "normal" people would fade. Eventually their unique attributes (beauty, skills) that everyone praises will die, either with age or a disastrous event.

    In contrast, Yancey also interviewed the "nobodies" of society. He talked to poor doctors, missionaries, translators, and people who work with the mentally and physically ill. These were people who humbled themselves, worked their hearts out, and few people ever noticed. They were not well known, poor, did dirty, demeaning jobs, and were probably never thanked. Yet it was among these that Yancey found the greatest passion for living. While everyone asked "What’re you getting out of this?" these blessed servants claimed they were getting everything: purpose. The humble find more fulfillment in these lowly acts than celebrities do in all the flashing cameras and gasping crowds. Doing God’s will will put you in the most exhilarating position. You will be living for a cause greater than yourself, and this brings more fulfillment than anything this world will ever have to offer. "…Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." Jesus knew exactly what he was saying.

    Well anyway, I had an idea. How about a new magazine- Ecclesiastes ( one who stands out from the crowd ) – to report on all those who really live. We have tons of magazines telling us about people who have succeeded according to the world’s standards. How about a magazine that reports those who have lived in God’s standards, people who really have made a lasting impact on the kingdom.