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Story from Margaret Williams:

Many years ago we lived in Verette. Beth was just a little girl, yet she would go with us sometimes to the Albert Shwitzer Hospital and visit the patients. One day she visited a girl her age who was extremely sick. The girl was poor, lonely, and didnít have much to do in the hospital.

Beth gave the girl one of her dolls. It was not a particularly unique doll, it was old and not that important to Beth. Yet the sick girl took the gift into her arms with an air of pure joy. Her eyes literally lit up with the grateful gleam of receiving a precious gift. This was perhaps the only gift this frail child had ever received, and she got it in the midst of her pain, escalating its value. Such a small sacrifice for Beth made a meaningful impact of grace on this withering girlsí life.

About a week later, Beth found out the girl had died. And clutched in her frail arms as she passed away was Bethís doll. The dying girl had treasured the offering of grace and thrived on the feeling of worth for that one week before she passed on. That may have been the closest to Godís love she had known her whole life.

What can we do today, just a small sacrifice on our part, that will light up someoneís life and give them a lasting impression of kindness?